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Sharath in Helsinki 2013

R Sharath Jois
Europe Tour 2013:

Moscow 28 Jul - 2 Aug »
Copenhagen 4 - 9 Aug »
Stockholm 11 - 16 Aug »
Helsinki 18 - 23 Aug »
London 25 - 30 Aug »

Sharath's Europe Tour 2013:

Taste of Mysore: Asana & Pranayama
Helsinki, Finland 18th - 23 rd Aug
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We are happy to invite all Ashtanga Yoga students to come and meet the
director and yoga exponent of K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI)
R Sharath Jois at Helsinki, Finland

Sharath in Dwipada Shirsasana
Sharath assists backbending
Sharath in Padmasana

              Sharath photos Tom Rosenthal

Program schedule (updated August 14th)

Sat 17

Sun 18

Mon 19
Tue 20
Wed 21
Thu 22
Fri 23
Led Half+Full

(Beginners welcome!)
Annankatu 26
(door open 7:30)
Led Primary(1)
* Annankatu26
(door open 6:00)
Led Primary(1)
* Annankatu26
(door open 6:00)
Led Primary(1)
* Annankatu26
(door open 6:00)
Led Primary(1)
(door open 6:00)

Annankatu 29B
Annankatu 29B
Annankatu 29B
Annankatu 29B
Pranayama for
Full Intermediate students after the asana practice
Annankatu 29B
Pranayama for
Full Intermediate students after the asana practice
Annankatu 29B
Pranayama for
Full Intermediate students after the asana practice
Annankatu 29B
& Info
Annankatu 29B
15:30 - 16:45
Annankatu 29B
(door open 15:00)
16:30 - 17:45
Annankatu 29B
(door open 16:00)

Sharath's classes:
Led Primary:
Sharath leads Beginners/Half + Full Primary Series (First Series) practitioners from Sunday on as one single group: students do not have to know the full primary series asanas!
Led Intemediate: Sharath leads Intermediate (Second Series) practitioners from Sunday to Thursday according to their capacity,
students do not have to know the full intermediate series, and one should go to finishing series if Sharath tells so.
Pranayama: special class for full intermediate practitioners to practice the breathing sequences of rechaka, puraka and kumbhaka.
- Sharath calls students for the Pranayama classes after Monday led Intermediate class.
Conference: Sharath talks about yoga topics, Q&A

Morning Practice Places:
Annankatu 26, 2nd floor

- Primary series classes from Sunday to Friday

Annankatu 29B, 2nd floor
(door code 0050)
- Intermediate series and pranayama classes from Sunday to Thursday

Afternoon Conferences:
Annankatu 29B, upstairs
(door code 0050)
- Sunday and Tuesday

Registration and Information: Saturday 17 Aug at
Annankatu 29B, inyard, upstairs (code 0050)

Students ready to start

Sharath's first week full primary students waiting to start
Juha Javanainen

Workshop prices and payments

  • Reduced price for students, unemployed, stay-at-home baby-moms/dads (one should present valid student card or other certification to have right for reduced price).
  • Payment methods: in advance by bank transfer (see bank details below), or balance payment in cash at registration/workshop place. Only bank transfers or cash payments are valid (no Sports notes/pass).
  • Total price is pre-payment plus balance: Registration pre-payment will be reduced from the total price. Drop-in prices can be paid at workshop place.
    Morning practice
    - 5 DAYS PRICE for Led asana classes: 240 € / 220 € (incl. 5 mornings and 2 conferences)
    - drop-in class 50 € / 45€
  • 3 Days Pranayama: 60 € (access only for full Intemediate (Second Series) practitioners)
  • Conferences in the afternoon
    - are included in 5Days price
    - drop-in 20 € / 15 € (open to anybody interested in Yoga)

R. Sharath Jois in Helsinki, registration

   Sunday 18.8.     : Beginners/Half/Full primary 08:00 | Intermediate 10:15 | no
   Monday 19.8.    : Primary 6:30 | Intermediate 09:00 | no
   Tuesday 20.8.    : Primary 6:30 | Intermediate 09:00 | no
   Wednesday 21.8.  : Moonday, no practice
   Thursday 22.8.    : Primary 6:30 | Intermediate 09:00 | no
   Friday 23.8.    : Primary 6:30 | no

Student name:



Have questions about the workshop or registration?

Payment information: your reservation is valid when you have paid your registration deposit

- the registration deposit fee is 90 € for full week
- or the total price of drop-in days
- balance of the payment should be paid by money transfer before August 20th into Yogaschool account

* Account: Yoga Mala Helsinki
* International bank account number (iban): FI58 12373000134871
* Address: Siltasaarenkatu 12, 00530 Helsinki, Finland.
* * Payments within Finland - use payment reference number (viitenumero): 6680
* * Payments from outside of Finland - include 7€ for bank commission, and a message with your payment: Sharath 2013, student name, week(s) in attendance and contact info
* * In case the payment has been made by another person than the one attending, please inform the attending student name in the payment message


In case you cancel before 10th of August, we will retain an service fee of 45 € and return the rest of your payment.
In case you cancel after 10th of August, the deposit will not be returned.

General information about Sharath's visit and Astanga practice

* no photographing or video shooting allowed during the morning practices
* only students registrated to practice each group can enter the practice hall; no visitors or audience allowed
* afternoon conferences are open to anybody interested about yoga; photos allowed but not video shooting

Places to stay in Helsinki

Hostel Erottajanpuisto (distance 0,5 km)
Stadion Youth Hostel (distance 4 km)
Hostels in Helsinki, guide and booking
Omena Hotel Lönnrotinkatu 13 in Helsinki, guide and booking (distance 0,3 km)

Travel guide links (in English)

www.helsinkifestival.fi (Music, Dance, Theatre, Circus, Visual Arts, Cinema, Viapori Jazz etc. 17.8.-2.9.2013)

K. Pattabhi Jois' visits at Helsinki August 2001, 2006 and
Sharath Jois' visits at Helsinki August 2009, 2011 and 2013

organized by Astanga Yoga School of Helsinki

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Sharath in Helsinki 2009 photos:

First week group photo
The First week group photo.
Sharath and Guruji
Sharath, Guruji, Juha and Petri.

INFO telephone in working days:

local time 10-13
(10am-1pm GT+2H):
+ 358 9 870 2921

info [at] astanga.fi